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I’m Victoria, I come from Pau, in south west of France (for french visitors, yes, I say “chocolatine”). I studied graphic design in Toulouse and graduated in 2014. I spent a short but really cool time in Montreal, and dropped off my luggage in Paris. I work as a designer since 8 years, and I'm actually art director at Agence 148.

Hi, this is me

I love a lot of stuff, but in my short list there are a mix of bold typefaces, color palettes (in case you didn’t notice), accessible and playful design, food (if you’re not interested in my work, at least I can share with you my list of favorites restaurants in Paris).

I create impactful and meaningful visual identities, and I bring them to life on an interface. I like to imagine principles of interaction that bring a little more, and create an emotion. I also create printed materials, sometimes animated. And when I feel like it, I do a little bit of illustration.

I’m currently looking for a new opportunity, so if you’re interested, drop me an email!

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